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Better education means quality life. Today, competition is everywhere as the world is changing at a very fast pace. Everyone wants to secure a prestigious place in wherever he goes or whatever he does.

A quick glance at the past reveals that education just meant to be either being academically literate or to earn a living in one way or the other. But the world has gone through certain visible changes which has changed the meaning of education.

At this level of competition, student community fails to choose the best suited career for them. While choosing her/his career line the student should always emphasize upon the following

v  It should increase his market demand

v  It should match his aspirations

v  And most importantly, it should be in line with her/his temperament

Quality education

v  Experience to study in a more sophisticated environment

v  Chance to mingle with people world around and learn from their experience

v  And most vitally, gain confidence and experience to work and live in a foreign environment.

We, at PLAN Enterprise, help you to solve these issues. Our expertise team not only guides you to choose your track but solve your other queries like visa etc as well. We are always ready to assist you to adjust yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Besides, we provide you a wide range of courses you can choose from giving you a full opportunity to choose a course you have been wishing so long.

Besides, there are a number of services for students like

v Selection of university: We assist you to choose particular university for a particular course.

v Admission Guidance: we guide the candidates throughout the whole admission procedure.

v Visa counseling: We have a strong visa and travel departments to secure your travel. We provide a complete assistance including filling out applications, preparing  financial statements etc

v Travel assistance: we book all the flights for you cost effectively.

 Student Education and Training

PLAN Enterprise through it Human Resource Development operation PLAN HRD is committed to assist students who want to pursue studies in highly professional streams.  There are students who are looking for ways to pursue their studies overseas. We are here to counsel them to choose the best track. Our highly experienced team counsels while choosing their career. We offer a wide range of courses to pursue in. These courses are meant to meet the needs and aspirations of students of different temperaments.

While choosing a carrier line in abroad, the foremost problem dealt by most of the students, is language. In order to overcome this, we offer different short-term courses in English language, to improve their communication skill. English, being an international language, acts as a tool for exchange of information.

With the increase in the number of professional colleges, it has become hard for the students to stay updated regarding the courses available and admission procedure. We also the keep the track of newly emerging courses in the field of vocational and professional studies. We help the students by keeping them updated about their field of interest.

Education and Training at Walsall College

PLAN Enterprise has partnered with Walsall College, a leading institute in the West Midlands region of United Kingdom, providing numerous higher and vocational courses. We provide courses ranging from V6 (vocational) to HI-ED (higher education).

Within Walsall College you would be able to receive an experience of learning in UK. Besides, there is an international team that would help you to tackle the problems like

v Visas

v Registering with a doctor

v Police registration

v Opening bank account etc.

Our courses cover diverse fields like

v Accountancy

v Art and Drawing

v Administration

v Applied science

v Business and Management

v Computing

v Creative Art

v Electrical

v Engineering

v Graphic designing

v Language

v Law

v Media

v Music

v Teaching training and much more.

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