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We have very exciting investment opportunities available in UK, Saudi Arabia and India in the following areas
  1. Real Estate
  2. Regeneration
  3. Sports including Stadiums, English Premier Football Clubs and Indian Premier League 
  4. Oil & Gas 
  5. Hospitality
  6. IT, Software

Current Opportunities
On Offer
  1. 5 Star Hotel In London
  2. 4 Star Hotel in London. 
  3. Resorts in US.
  4. Regeneration Scheme.
  5. English Premier League Club.
  6. Aviation -New Airline (An exciting investment opportunity.Please ask for further details)

Investment Available For
  1. Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing and Servicing Company (SME) willing to grow.
  2. Regeneration Schemes (Full or JV).
  3. Real Estate Schemes.
  4. Hotels in London.
  Please Contact us for details
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