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Governance, Risk and Compliance
This lies at the heart of your organisation, and is the greatest factor in your success (or failure!).
  • Does your board lack robust processes for dealing with strategy?
  • Is your internal communication effective?
  • How effective is your audit committee?
  • Is compliance to various regulations, policies and procedures becoming difficult?
  • Are you struggling to have a robust Governance, Risk and compliance framework?
  • Does your boards, shareholders and stakeholders share a common understanding of the purpose and scope of corporate governance?
  • Is your organisation’s risk management and control objectively challenged, independently of line management.
All the organisations regardless of their size, face unprecedented numbers of Shariah, legal, regulatory,

financial and other business policy directives and at the same time value chain requirements that affect every

aspect of the organisation.

In such an environment, how can organisations control risk, manage it effectively, drive business performance and as a result drive improved and optimised stakeholder value?

In order to deliver, those organisations need to adopt a more integrated programme of Governance, Risk and Compliance. The integrated GRC approach enables organisations to differentiate themselves and achieve greater agility by optimising business processes.

GRC will continue to dominate boardrooms and be visible among business managers, executives and boards owing to increased investor scrutiny of corporate practices, tightening regulations in the light of risk management failures, vanishing boundaries between governance, risk and compliance, difficulty in justifying GRC budgets, increased pressure for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),SOX  (Sarbanes -Oxley), so on and so forth.

We can help you with implementing the constituents of GRC by drawing from the experience of experienced professionals who have helped many organisations to thrive in an optimum controlled environment

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