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We have a pool of successful professionals who have been directors and senior managers in the not for profit sector including charities. What that means they talk and walk non-for profit ethos and practices without loosing the commercial focus that charities have to adopt. Can we say recession is a blessing in disguise for charities as we can provide experts at lower fees than you have been paying for years? Let’s provide you the support that you always wished to have for affordable fees!

Charities often lack resources to put in place robust processes and improve the performance. We can provide you the solutions to be an effective organisation and deliver the social investment return. Let’s  help in the improvement of processes and performance management framework!

Governance , risk and compliance  is one of the areas charity/not for profit sector is struggling with  due to the lack of relevant expertise as the resource constraints of the charities stop them to get the best experts at competitive fees. We can offer that expertise at very competitive price removing the middle man and the ‘brand’ of large professional firms.
We have come across the charities often getting accounts done by the practices, which don’t have the expertise of producing the accounts as per the SORP 2005 and also reports don't comply with best practice as per the Charity Commission.

We fully understand the resource constraints that public sector organizations work under and the need of maximising the potential of those resources. We work with you to understand the processes and uproot the wastage to maximise the social investment return. The severe competition for the resources is unprecedented forcing the organisations to look at the basics and get the fundamentals right to achieve the desired efficiency and outcomes.

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