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We have come across charities, which don’t have robust monitoring and even failed to submit the monitoring returns to the sponsoring agencies or funders that not only has financial consequences but also reputational risk. We can help you to look at the ways to improve and be best at compliance along side being a best service delivery organisation.
There are many other areas where the large firms deliver less for very large fees e.g. annual statutory accounts, risk management, system analysis and implementation, management advice.
We know charities so well that many big firms don’t, as we have worked behind the computers on day to day basis within charities and understand the difficulties you face in extracting the information from the systems. More so often getting the papers ready for important meetings and decision maker’s seems cumbersome. Aren’t we right? There are many reasons why it happens; one of the reasons as we have come across is the system you have might not be for you. We are the best to understand as we have faced such difficulties and dealt with those. If you have implemented the system we can still help you to make the most of it. Let’s help you to make it simple!

We can even procure and provide you the best systems to improve you efficiency by automating the processes, which consume not only large amount of your staff resources but also could be the cause of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Let’s be your partner in choosing what’s right for you!

We not only provide the advice but train you staff too,  resulting in, improved staff throughput, effectiveness, staff morale, motivation and less need of external consultants resulting in saving of further costs and dependency.

We have specialised knowledge and experience about the public sector. We understand the various regulation, policies, agendas and other government deliberations that have impact on the public sector organisations.

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