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PLAN Enterprise India is running monthly Prince2 Training and Exams at Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi India starting from 28th to 4th of March. Prince2 is the best project management methodology to direct and run successful projects on time and within budget. It's one of the leading qualification that's must for the managers to run efficient and effective projects.

Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron In India Feb 2013

Indian Logistic Industry

Indian logistic industry is still in infancy and evolving, hence creating tremendous opportunities for logistic companies worldwide particularly UK companies to enter this growing market. The growth of Indian economy is no hidden fact and as a result growing infrastructure demand creates enormous opportunities in logistic industry that's estimated over £80 billion (98% of which is un-organised). In order to help India with improving the infrastructure the government has come a long way from having unfavourable policies and regulations to a more relaxed and favourable ones to attract foreign companies to provide necessary expertise to make the industry more modern, efficient, effective and organised.

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Saudi Arabia 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a largest free market economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) holding 25% share of the total Arab GDP. The outlook of KSA is looking very optimistic in all sectors as per D&B. In August 2010 government announced five year development plan of around £240 billion focusing on housing, education and transportation. Moreover, the relaxation in various laws such as foreign investment laws allowing 100% foreign ownership of projects and real estate, repatriation of 100% of profits, annual 18% growth in banking sector, higher lending activity so on makes it very attractive for the market entry.





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